Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Its shine my sinks Wednesday!

In the spirit of shine my sinks Wednesday, I decided to polish myself as well. I've been thinking a lot about marriage recently. Marriage (as I posted in a previous blog) is not for the faint-hearted. It is/can be a roller coaster ride. You work your way to the top, throw your hands in the air, and thank God you made it through that challenge on the way through a loopty-loop. LOL.

Go buy some flowers!
I was mulling over something someone asked me the other day. If you were your own spouse, what would it be like to be married to you? I think most of us would want to say that we are the most forgiving, hard-working, charming person on the planet. We'd like to say we know ourself inside and out. We desire to say we rock at all aspects of marriage from money, to the Ach-um, to honesty/trust and to tidiness.

While we may desire to be those things, reality usually is quite different. We may have really skilled in orderliness, but stink with money. Or we maybe rather charming still, but you keep an internal list of annoying things your spouse does. Or you could be the greatest worker making a bagillion dollars an hour, but argue dirty by bring up hurtful past events.

So how about it, when was the last time you called your spouse just because you care? When was the last time, you went out just for fun? When was the last time, you give a little sugar or said "I love you"? When was the last time, you did some of those oopey-goopie things you did when you were dating?

Who cares if they they've done some stupid things! Who hasn't? Perfection is not all it is supposed to be. That knight in shining armor on his white stallion will eventually just a man at night with a minivan he traded his stallion for. The shiny armor will become dirty socks laying somewhere outside the hamper. ; D We love that person nonetheless and should show it! Have a Splendiferous day!

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