Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Truly mind-blowing...

There is a God. He is enough. I think we limit God by trying to define him as one, two, three or 8205479. He is infinite, so why try to box him up? He cares about us and is curious about how/when we will respond to Him. His promises are true and don't come back empty once He has made them. He wants us to live in HESED.

1. is unmerited compassion toward one another.
2. creates an “echo” effect of God's true nature toward us and our response back to him.
3. Hesed cannot stay stagnate. It requires action. Its so contagious. It has to grow in you. 
4. It cannot exist without community. This seed of all things good wants to be spread to others.
5. Hesed is something you do, not something you say.

This concept has me so excited. I feel like I'm buzzing. I start thinking of scripture. Hesed is God's character. Its tangible. AHHH! Words are not enough to get this across! It is totally cool and now I'm going to bed. Good night!

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Many of the people I know are not going to like this. I don't expect them to. Here it is: we are going to an Assemblies of God church. I need to spiritually heal, before I can be a help to anyone. I am working at searching scripture to reconcile things I see there with things I've been taught. It is better for me to go somewhere than no where. I know you feel strongly about what it is you believe. I respect you for it. Please pray blessings of wisdom, understanding and healing on us through this journey. I know God has this in his hands:

God has knows the names of these little guys.
Fairyfly is the smallest insect/animal in the world. It can fit through the head of a needle.

He also has us, so worry for nothing...