Saturday, February 8, 2014

Insert a clever title here.

Wow. I haven't blogged since my son's birthday last May! That is slightly deplorable and yet I feel no guilt over this. Waking up and showing up for the daily stuff has taken priority over this little piece of writing.

What's more important than writing?  Lol I was working for a local grocery store and working with the state to get a home day care license.  Well as of July 1, 2013, I became a state licensed day care provider. I have been attempting to get it off the ground. I quit my grocery store job once I got a couple families signed.

We discovered my boy had/had a speech delay that was beginning to effect his motor skills last March.  We started him working with a speech teach twice a week until school ended.  My son started preschool with other kids with similar challenges in September.  He loves it and has grown exponentially. We are so proud of his words. I wish I could strap a camera to him during his awake hours, so I could capture every precious syllable.

Andy has been working a lot. He has been trying to get his HVAC license and a promotion to system controls with his current employer. I am pretty proud of him.

We are still attending the Assembly of God church (weather permitting). I don't have much to say about this topic. Lol

Okay that's blog enough for now. No promises when the next will be.