Sunday, November 7, 2010

Brain dump.

I had a teacher back in high school introduce a concept called the brain dump. She required we write everyday in a journal without a filter. We were supposed to write whatever popped in your head no matter how foolish, trivial, or genius. This lesson came at a great time in my life. I've since used this tool several times over the years to cleanse my conscience into sweet sleep or beautiful peace or to reconnect with my inner me. I thought I'd try today for you. My apologies if it can't be understood.

Hello. How are you today? this is stupid. I wonder if anyone will read this nonsense. Dylan is finally sleeping peacefully. That swing was a God send! Feel bad about Samson. That boy is never far from my thoughts these days. You're a great lady. The bottles need cleaning. So tired of cleaning up poo and sick off the floor. I hope Andy doesn't wake Dylan when he returns from the store. Oh look. Andy. Ok this was unsuccessful...  Have a lovely day.

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