Wednesday, November 10, 2010


The last couple days I've had some brilliant ideas for this blog, but alas they all have escaped me in caring for Dylan. They say write what you know, so here it is... Dylan has been ill the last couple days. Let me tell you getting puked on every couple hours has been the greatest thrill of my life. NOT! Here's more details on what he was diagnosed with: The Devil of a Virus!

Andy and I had to take him into the doctor last night. They ended up doing blood work on Dylan because of a strange rash we discovered on his torso. The Doctor was concerned that Dylan might have a low blood platelet count. I'm not sure what that would've meant to us. I tried to do some research. The results were enough to freak me out, so I didn't delve very far. They came back with words like: leukemia, _____ syndrome, and thrombopenia (whatever that is)The blood panel came back with normal counts and consistent with the above wicked virus. Thank the Lord!

We've gone through three bottles of Pedialyte (baby Gatorade), a closet full of clean clothes, and a half a can of spot shot. I've used about 30 diapers (or more) and a half of a bag of wipes. I almost tired of the smell of bananas and apple sauce. We don't have the largest one bedroom apartment ever, so I use these tiny scented bags for Dylan's messy diapers. I can tie them closed real tight and don't have the smell poop permeating the apartment. There are 75 in a box. I have one left. There were a few gone before I left for Colorado. I've had to wash Dylan's bottles like 3 times a day. I normally can get by for a day and a half.

I've officially joined the Mommy club, so GO MEEEE! LOL...

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