Thursday, November 11, 2010

God's love is like this!

I was just standing over my son looking at his sleeping little body. The covers were all tucked in tight around him. His little chest raising and falling with each breath. Love is an amazing thing. It was with love Andy and I got to help create something unique, a person who hadn't ever seen the light of day before May 4, 2010. It is with love we continue to nurture Dylan. We have the privileged of watching him become big and strong. Love has made me a sort of servant to my son. He has been a huge lesson in humility, grace in mannerisms, and resiliency.

Dylan is to come first. He depends on Andy and me to provide the best we can for him. He trusts us to give him good things. I can't think of a more scary situation than being thrown into the unknown and having to deal with it all. Think about it. The dear boy was in a completely safe environment for nine months. It was warm, mostly quiet, and not to bright. He didn't worry about food. He didn't go to sleep in a specific bed. He didn't have to wear clothes. One day though you make your entrance in the world, EVERYTHING is new. You're cold. You hear noises you don't understand. Its incredibly bright. There are faces and colors everywhere. There are sensations you've never felt before like towels, hands touching you, needles, heat, etc... You learn over time what it all means.

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