Friday, November 5, 2010

Clever thought...

The last few days have not slowed down at all. I've had some time to get things around my house in order 15 minutes at a time. It just still is rather messy. Today I decided I needed to beat my tiredness by doing something productive. I got up and made my bed. Good start, right? I shred some political advertisements and other papers. I was clearing off the table by the front door when I ran across a little notebook I'd tossed there before we left for Colorado. Knowing it was full, I flipped through it to see if there was anything of importance in it. I ran across two things. I thought I'd sit down to procrastinate a little longer while I share. I'm tossing the notebook after this.

My niece, Alexis, is learning to spell. She often sits next to me in church and asks me quietly how to spell this word or that word. I found something she had written while I was still pregnant with Dylan. It was so amazing what she had written. I'll have to scan it later and put it up. My scanner is suddenly being uncooperative.

The other thought is something that I had written during a couple different church services. I don't even remember what the preaching was for those days, but I guess the following thought struck me.

We need to remember the memorials in our lives.
The places where we've built alters.
The places that altered the course our lives.
Alters should bring some kind of change to you or you situation.
You should have an alter for every alteration.
Where there is an alter, there is need for a sacrifice.

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