Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wonderful morning!

If you have followed my blogs at all, you know I am trying to improve myself since having my dear son, Dylan, eight months ago. I need to be the best me I can, so he will have a good example. A lot of times I see mom's sacrifice themselves with a victim's mentality for the sake of everyone else's well being. I do not want to be THAT mom. While my family should and does come before me, I do NOT want to forget myself! It is with this thought in mind I have set out to fill the blank spaces.

I feel I am missing other ladies in my same position. You know married mom's with small children who need the socialization of someone over two foot tall. I don't really have very many people who fit the bill. Before Dylan, I could call my single friends and we could meet 15 minutes later for lunch or something. Now it takes me half the day to contact the people I used to hang out with because they have equally busy lives. It takes me up to an hour to get everything ready to go out. By the time I'm ready for hanging out, its time for Dylan to eat/sleep again. I end up staying home. It would be nice to have someone to call who understands and would come over. I'm not blaming or discounting the few who do/are willing hang out with me. It means more to me than you know. It would be nice to have a friend who gets me in town. I was telling my mom all this the other day. She suggested I look into the Christian organization, MOPS. I did and went to my first meeting this morning.
The church who hosts the meetings isn't very far from my house. The have this thing down to a science! Before the meeting, you sign your kids into a database using your name, the father's name, and the child's name. The print out name tags and security tags. The intake lady told me not to lose my tags because I couldn't take Dylan home without them. We got into the nursery, which in itself was a site to behold! They had bouncy toys, high chairs swings, and all manner of age appropriate toys for infants. It made me want to go play with Dylan and the other little babies. All the children with him were from birth to 1 year. I signed Dylan in. I was given a cubby for his things. I was given a pager that would call me if the nursery workers needed me. All of it was correlated by number. Mine was 15.

I then followed another mom down the meeting which I had been reminded about via email. I entered a room with Valentine's Day themed decorations. I looked around to see about 40 ladies of various ages sitting at round tables chattering away. The mom I had followed explained we would have breakfast after announcements and a prayer. She offered to have me sit with her for the duration of the meeting. The ladies at my table traded some friendly small talk while we waited.

They explained they usually didn't have an open forum set up like they had today. They said they usually do smaller more intimate groups but they had a special speaker today. I had received the email, so I was well aware of the unusual topic and circumstances.

The announcements were made. The breakfast was yummy. The speaker talked about God's plan for sex in marriage. She was candid and it was refreshing to her a Christian woman do so. Sex is so often a taboo topic among Christian circles. It was and still is a GOD idea! We shouldn't be ashamed to speak openly about it. The secular world certainly doesn't have a problem bombarding us with information. I didn't feel the least embarrassed or uncomfortable about how the speaker presented the information. I do believe I shall return. It was a great morning overall!

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