Monday, January 10, 2011


It is Monday, January 10, 2011. How in the world does my house have a tornado visit every weekend? I had a very productive weekend. I got nine loads of laundry washed and dried. I folded and put away six of them. We didn't get the copper and brass of the porch. Andy says he needs to sort through it all before he can take it in. (I guess the precious metals place takes money from you if they have to sort it. The whole point in waiting to turn it in is to get the most money out of it we can.) I didn't do my grocery shopping until yesterday afternoon. It was nice to have Andy along for the little trip to the store. I usually do it during the day while he is at work.

 Picture this: Me carrying a carry-on sized diaper bag, my little purse, the car seat with Dylan inside it, as many grocery bags as I can and my apartment keys. I tramp across the parking lot, up a flight of stairs, and through 2 storm doors. I attempt the unlock the apartment door somehow. The diaper bag or my purse or both slowly slide off my shoulder at some point in this process.  I have to push the door open with my foot. I rush inside before the door slams in my face. I somehow untangle myself from the grocery bags that have somehow twisted themselves into a vise-like grip on my fingers. All this while trying to gently place the bundle of boy on the floor. I carry all this at the the same time to avoid leaving Dylan alone like those crazy news reports of neglectful mothers.

You know the ones I'm talking about? The reports of the children freezing/frying to their death in cars on a arctic/sauna type of day. Or the ones where the police were called on the six year old who ran into another car while their parent just ran into the store for something real quick. Or my "favorite" the kidnapper who steals a lone child. Dylan can't talk much besides his continual "DADADADADADA-dadadadad! WAAAAAHHHH!" He certainly can't unbuckle himself yet. Nor can he walk away yet. He can scoot backwards. I never want to be that parent who is beyond hearing distance on my child if I'm in charge. No one could ever accuse me of being neglectful, a hoverer perhaps, but never lax in care. Have I mentioned it was nice to have Andy's help yesterday?

We didn't win the lotto. If we had, I'd still not say anything. We did, however manage to get most of our groceries for under $60. I still am trying to swing the massage and all the clothes I need for under $100. By the way my lunch was fantastic! Any suggestions?

Ok THAT was a huge sidebar! I have attempted to be super clever in my organization of this in our tinyer and tinyer apartment. Try as I might, Monday comes and to my surprise a volcano slept on the couch for the weekend... :D So Here's to Monday's volcanos! Happy Monday everyone!

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