Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rob Bell - 014 | Breathe

I sit here in front of this blank space wondering what to write. The topic I most want to write about is my marriage, but seeing as that isn't appropriate. I am left with the desire to just write something. I could speak of the teeth my son, Dylan has coming in. I could talk about the fact that he is 8 months old today. I could comment on the fact that he is growing like a clever little weed. As much as I love our son, my heart isn't in those topics right now.

My thoughts are stirred with the gains/losses, the past/future, and the joy/sorrow of life. There is a video I watched a couple years ago. It keeps running through my brain. Andy and I used to go to this bible study every Wednesday night. It was a safe place of growth for me. I never had anybody there point fingers at me when I said something unusual. The group was made up of my peers. The group was disbanded a couple years after I had started going, but I still think of a couple lessons I learned there. The above video is one of them. You can debate that Rob Bell is a quack, but I don't care. Sometimes the thing I need most is to know God is as close as my breath....

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