Friday, January 14, 2011

I only have 5 minutes

Ready? Set. Go... I've been wanting to do something different than the retail. I can't do the sign language interpreting I want to do without a certification/degree. I thought being in an office would be a nice change of pace. Biggest problem: I've never worked in an office setting before. I do have a nice set of office skills acquired from my previous employment.

This morning I went to a temp agency in my town. I've been sending my resume over and over to this poor woman who works there for weeks now. I dropped Dylan over at my sister's house. (Thanks Des, Dom and Jo-jo!) I got to the door only to see a sign: We only accept applications on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Its Friday! I sighed and walked in anyway. The nice ladies asked if I had a resume on hand. I didn't have a hard copy. Long story shortened, not only did I get to fill out an application but I also earned an 88% on Excel and 90% on Word skills tests. Both programs I haven't used in at least six months and had never used those versions of those programs. They are starting me in an office Wednesday, blocks from my house, AND making a dollar and half more than my current wage. There is one draw back at this point: it's temporary. The lady I'm talking with says they can probably find a more lasting position after I have some official in-an-office-setting experience.

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