Saturday, October 16, 2010

It is Saturday...

This past week plus has been rather busy around my house. Last Friday night we had a small party for my nephew, Carsten, who turned four years old. It was fun, but it took a bit of doing to get to my sister's house. I had run errands all day. I got home to make and eat dinner for Andy and me. I fed Dylan.  I got to jump in the shower. (YEAH!) I was getting myself ready when Dylan had a majorly fragrant diaper. I had to give him a bath, get him ready, pack his bag, and make sure we had our gift. We were 20 minutes late.

Last Saturday I worked a six hour shift. Andy and Dylan went to my in-law's house to do laundry.

Sunday was church both in the morning and in the evening. In the afternoon, Andy's employer had their company picnic.

I worked three nights of last week: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday. I had Destiny and her boys over on Tuesday for most of the afternoon. Last night, I went with my church's sign language choir to a special service. Dylan and I left at 5:30pm and got back at 2am. It was a VERY long day! I would still have done it the same way though. I enjoy sign language. There were quite a few really talented groups there.

To say the least, I am pretty happy to have taken today off! We went to breakfast this morning. We came home and hung out. I put Dylan down for a nap. I decided I needed to start getting things around for our busy Sunday mornings/evenings. I washed my hair. I am back in my jams at 4:30. Its rather nice. (I've been refusing to let myself lounge around my house all day in my jams. I figure if my job is to be mama, maid and chef I should dress like I were going in public. I wouldn't got to work in my jams, so why do it with my home job?) Well its time to wake Dylan up. The poor boy is going to be super hungry!


  1. I feel like I have had those days before. Oh yes, just yesterday there was no down time:) Glad to see a mama doing what she can and thriving! Love ya...