Thursday, October 21, 2010

The bees, snow, and trees

 Yesterday it seemed the my world was buzzing! How did little Samson go from birth, to surgery, to a prognoses of death? Everyone I knew was praying. I had decided to go to work last night despite my swirling thoughts. I knew that I needed to be present with Andy and Dylan. I needed to take care of things in my immediate life. I really want/ed to be in Colorado, but I cannot change the situation. I wouldn't be effective there even if I could be there. I decided to be as effective as I could be here in town. I would deal with the events under my roof. I let my co-workers know what was happening in my world. They were rather understanding. I spent the evening cleaning and not helping very many customers. I usually do mostly customer service and a little clean up.

I was almost finished with my shift. I was feeling pretty good. I hadn't forgotten what was happening but I was doing my best to handle things. This man walks up to the deli counter. I'd never seen him before in my life. I served him the items he requested. He asked after a co-work of mine. He then just stopped. He looked at my name tag and then at my eyes. He said, " Dana is there anything I can pray for you about? Like something in your family?" It caught me off guard. I gasped and teared up. I told him about little Samson's situation. He thanked me for sharing with him and told me it took a lot of courage to do so. He told me he and a friend of his would be praying for Samson. I was in shock. I turned around and one of my co-workers saw my facial expression. He looked confused, I explained to him about the gentleman. My co-worker just walked away with shock on his face.

Today there is nothing new to report on baby Samson so far. Here is why I think that is:

Two birds were sitting on a snowy tree branch watching the snow fall. Bird #1 glances at Bird #2 and asks what do you think a prayer weights? Birds #2 responded nothing more than nothing. A couple hours past with the birds watching the snowflakes fall. Bird #1 asks again, " how much  does a prayer weight? Again bird #2 replies, "Nothing more than nothing like these snow flakes." This happened a few more times all the while the snow was accumulating. It had been many hours since these birds had landed on the branch. The birds had become friends. Bird #1 inquires of Bird #2, " I am still curious. How much does a prayer weight?" Bird #2 responded as he had all the previous times, "Prayer weights nothing more than nothing like all these snow flakes." Just as Bird #2 finished his statement one tiny snow flake fell on the branch which they sat upon. There was a loud, "CRACK!" The branch fell to the ground with all the weight of thousands of individual snowflakes.

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