Sunday, October 10, 2010

Joy and Thunder

The last couple days I've been wondering what to write about next. I haven't really told very many people about this new venture. I know I will one day, however its been rather freeing to have something be solely mine. I been wondering how transparent I should be with my thoughts. The entire world does have access to this. Assuming they will stumble upon this, will they like what they see through my words? I am writing to not be forgotten. This is for my sanity...
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I have always loved the rain. I enjoy the smell of it. I like how the earth basks in it's presence. Colors deepen in their vibrancy after the rain. I like how the rain plops into puddles. I used to sit next to the gutter during summer afternoon rain showers. I watch how the water rushed down through the grates to some unknown destination. I liked the sound of the pebbles tumbling down the warm pavement at my feet. It was mindless and beautiful to me.

I'm finding it is the little things in life are happiness like an afternoon rain storm. Happiness is found in five senses- hearing my husband and son laugh together, seeing a shiny sink when I wake up, tasting something new, smelling aromatic food in the Crockpot, or touching my son's soft chubby hands. In savoring the small things, we can find joy and contentment.

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