Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Had some time off

I haven't written in a week or so. I was running out of new things to say. I spent my writing hiatus reading, cleaning, and officially joining MOPS. The book I was reading was about a mother's legacy. I was struct by the thought, but not enough to write it. That happened Sunday morning with my pastor's sermon. He posed the question: What if for one day Jesus would become you? He'd wear you skin. Jesus would work your job. He'd wear your clothes and pay your bills with the money earned. Your health would stay the same. Your car would still need every repair/maintenance on it. The only difference is that Jesus could make your choices for you.

What to you think would change in your life for that day? What to you think would change after that day? Would your legacy be completely altered? You see our lives are all just history wrapped up in a few breathes. We get to choose everyday who we will be, how we treat others, and how our choices will impact our family. This couldn't be made more clear for me today because of two things: the NBC show Who Do You Think You Are? and the passing of my Great Uncle Tom yesterday.

Belonging to NBC's: Who do you think you are?
About Vanessa Williams' Grandfather
 from the minutes of Shelby County Court, TN.
Who do you think you are is a show about discovering the ancestral roots of well known people. The episode I watched last was researching Vanessa Williams family tree. She, being the first "African" American Miss America, wanted to know if anyone else in her family were pioneers. I'll let you watch the show to get most of her family's stories. I can't shake the one thought from the show. She did find out that "her great-great grandfather was one of the first African Americans ever elected to the Tennessee legislature." It struck me that when this man, born into slavery, passed away his white peers wrote in the court minutes that he hadn't left much earthly wealth. But he was "faithful and true discharging with fidelity every trust faithful to his keeping... he has bequeathed them a legacy more precious than gold, more imperishable then monumental brass, a spotless name." I'll let that speak for itself.
Thomas L. Hemmes
Oct 5, 1945- Feb. 7, 2011

I found out last night my Great Uncle Tom passed away. I never met this man despite a few efforts to connect with my father's paternal side of the family. We've never been close. I can just say not knowing this bit of my personal history has given me a few questions. I had started to do some research on my own a few years ago to fill in what was missing. I found out people make choices. I cannot fault anyone for decisions made before I was born. I think family is important. They are the priority that falls between God and work. There shouldn't be squabbles between family/friends that last more than a week. I'll say it again: Life is history wrapped in a few short breaths. We must forgive.

So what do these thoughts have to do with one another? Well for those of us who have made a choice to live for Christ, we have Jesus living in our skin. He is there not just for one day, but every single day. We have a choices to make. Will we wake up praising the Savior? Will we treat our alarm clocks with kindness? Will we forgive the driver who is driving like frozen molasses? How will you show love to your spouse and children today? Will you be able to be a good steward of your talents, blessings and finances? Will your decisions today be the legacy your peers and family remember you by? Would they be able to say you left this earth with a spotless name? Please remember the bigger picture.

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