Monday, August 15, 2011

Wanting for Dylan to finish pooping, so he can bathe.

Wowzer! It's been awhile. I got inspired to write today. This summer has been full to the brim with activity! We finally moved! As of August 3rd, we are the proud renters of a nearly 1,600 square foot two-bedroom town home. After the entire fiasco we had with attempting to buy a house, we settled on this place. Dylan has his own room for the first time in his little life and seems to be adjusting okay. Be back. Bath time.

Back. We have a clean sweet smelling baby! Back to the previous topic... Dylan is adjusting. Right. I, however, am finding the amount of space... well, spacious. We all lived in such close quarters (625 square feet) before that to have an average amount of room seems to be giving me a bit of separation anxiety. Silly right? I couldn't wait to move... for. the. space. We haven't a tap dancing neighbor or doors slamming at all hours or the smell of choice herbs permeating the halls. It makes me grateful. We have our own washer/dryer AND dishwasher. I suddenly realized the other day, while gathering dirty clothes, I don't have to wait until I have money to do laundry. I snuck downstairs to see if those blessed machines were still there. When they were, I took advantage of them. lol I might do it again today. Just. Because. I. Can. HEHEHEHE!

Work has been crazy to say the least. So many of my co-workers are being moved into other departments of our grocery store. Others are quitting or have quit. A few are going back to school (like me WHOOHOO! More on this later...). Where does that leave me? Well, I've been working between 20-25+ hours a week, being a wife, mother and a S.H.E. (sidetracked home executive). The checks are better with the more hours. I find it an answer to prayer. I've sorta put the serious looking for other employment on the back burner for now.

Dylan at his 15 month Doctor Appointment 8/10/11
My dear mother-in-law, has let us know she wants to go back to being just grandma to Dylan as of the first of the January. We are thankful for her volunteering to care for Dylan for the last 15 (will be 20 months)! Lord bless her for blessing us. We are in the process of trying to figure out what we will do after January 1st. Whatever it will be, I know God works all things for our good. That means God will work for Andy, me and Dylan in a way beneficial to each of us.

 About a month ago, I went to our local community college to talk to a counselor. I have attended classes there in the past. I knew I was close to getting my Associates degree. I just didn't know how close. The academic counselor told me I need 4 classes to be finished. This has been something I've wanted since I began roughly 9 years ago. I decided to take the chance with a prayer attached. Would financial aid pay for me to finish? I knew with moving money would become tighter. The last thing I wanted was for my education to be a financial burden. The government aid returned with more than enough to cover the 4 classes, the books, the gas, and childcare for Dylan.

 I'm registered as of this morning for a math class. Math isn't may strongest subject. I wanted to focus on doing well in that one area, so as not to overwhelm myself with a heavy course load.

 By this time next year, Lord Willing, I will be walking with another cap and gown, across a another stage, and be handed another piece of paper. I will have earned it with many years of frustration and hard work. I'll be able to rest for a couple years knowing I completed what I started. Insert a sigh of relief here.

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