Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The two boys... (day 3)

That night at dinner Ben told about his adventure. The family and the help sat around the table listening with rapt attention. His father and his man had tracked the animals through several towns. When they couldn't find them, the ranch hand had suggested seeing a man with connections about where the beasts could be. At this part of the story, Ben became antsy and reluctant to say much. He just summed up the story there by saying the man had heard about a large number of livestock being seen in town and had requested for Ben to stay with him for a time. Nathan's father couldn't refuse such a request from so well a connected individual. Ben had sent the ranch hand home to let everyone know he was alright. Ben had come home as soon as he could. The remaining asked questions went unanswered and soon the topic was changed to what had happened around the ranch while Ben was gone.

Almost month passed, things seemed to settled back to their pace. Chores were done. Food was purchase, made, and ate. Clothes were washed. The animals were fed. The mail came and went. Lessons were taught and learned. They continued to be members of their local congregation. Nathan's father remained to be unusually jumpy. The slightest sound would has his father looking over his shoulder. One day a letter came inviting the entire family to the nearest city by the gentleman his father had mentioned. Excitement permeated the house for the next couple days.

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