Friday, August 26, 2011

The two boys... (day 5)

The entire family arose early. They had to be to the next town by sunset. They had made camp for Nathan's birthday and coming of age ceremony two-thirds of the way there. Breakfast was eaten. The campsite was being packed and children were being gathered. Nathan was waiting for his sister, Michelle, to get his new riding clothes out of her luggage. Grandfather was becoming impatient. The sunlight would not wait. Nathan was to ride along side the wagon on his new horse. His old mare was tied to the back of their wagon. Father was pacing and calling to his brothers to hurry up. Nathan sat on his steed watching the scene with a grin on his face. He'd never seen so much chaos!

It was mid-morning before everything was put in its proper place and the campsite was back to its original state. They'd have to push the pace today if they were going to arrive on time. The Seer's invitations weren't something a person should take lightly. Nathan had heard rumors about him from their community's man of God. It was said he was well connected. Other people went to him to find out things. Nobody knew how the seer came by his information. Every word Nathan had heard was dripping with awe and deep respect.

When they stopped for a quick lunch mid-afternoon, the road was packed with all sorts of people. There must be some holiday Nathan didn't know about. His father was avoiding the family and hadn't said much since they'd broke camp. There was so much wonderment throughout the crowds starting to gather that nobody in the family seemed to notice his father's strange behavior. Nathan heard his Grandfather muttering. They'd never make it to the seer's house if the roads remained this congested. They'd just had to hurry as best as they could.

As the sun started to set, the family had just reached the town's main thoroughfare. They found lodgings quickly and got ready for the night's events. Father told the family where to go in case anyone got lost in the crowd. They'd have to take the horses to a barn near the Seer's place. When everyone was ready, the rushed into the streets toward their destination. The closer they got the more people there were. He saw his town's Governor conversing with some other important looking men. What was going on?!? Nathan had never seen so many people in one place, not even on National holidays. Father tapped Nathan's shoulder and pointed to a gentleman standing on a porch of a small building. The wide double door stood open. Painted above the doors in forest green paint read, "B-A-R-N, the place where your animals sleep." Nathan nodded. Father pushed his way through the crowd leading the horses.

They were only blocks from the seer's house. It was so noisy from the hum of so many voices. Nathan missed the ranch. This cacophony hurt his ears. The sun set. He heard the roar of the multitude ahead.

"SEER! SEER! SEER!" People around Nathan started looking around. His sister clung to him frightened. A hush came over the town. Even the dogs seemed quiet. A distant voice could be heard bouncing of the buildings. "I am Sam, the seer, since my youth I have settled disputes between all manners of people. I have kept my oaths and been fare to all in my dealings. If any of you feel otherwise, come to me and I will do my best to make things right." Nobody moved or said anything. Nathan hadn't ever heard of wrong done by this man.

"I have asked you all here tonight to talk to you. I have heard the complaining of those who'd have me removed from my position over all the people in the country. I never wanted to be your judge. You all and the Lord above asked this service of me, so I have done just that. I, however, am willing to answer the complaints in this way. We will elect a person from one of the 12 towns in the surrounding area. Whoever is chosen will help me out in service to you. Is this agreeable?

"YES!", the multitude responded. Nathan was starting to wonder where his father had gone. Sam started to speak again.

"Let the vote begin. Make way for the Governors of the 12 towns." There was a shuffle as the host allowed each governor through. "We will draw straws. Whoever pulls the longest one will have the various patriarchs from there town come forward. They will all draw straws. The Patriarch of each family will then have the men of their family come forward and do the the same. Whoever gets the longest straw will be your new Leader."

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