Monday, August 22, 2011

The two boys...

Once upon a time there was a young boy, named Nathan who lived in a great kingdom. He was a wealthy rancher's son. The boy's father was a handsome man who was well know in their community for his good looks.

One day Nathan's grandfather sent his father to find some livestock that had wondered off. Nathan wondered how long his father would be gone this time. He loved his father greatly and missed their long talks when he was gone. Nathan hugged his father before he left. He stood watching his father ride off down the road with one of their ranch hands until he couldn't see him anymore. His mother called for him to come back to his studies. The tutors couldn't be left waiting. He really didn't want to learn anymore today. He knew he couldn't focus with his father wandering about the countryside. He should have been able to go along with him. He could ride just as well as anyone else. He'd been practicing. Nathan knew his father would be angry with him for neglecting his responsibilities when he returned home, so indoors he went to face the musty smelling tomes and dreary tutors.

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