Friday, October 12, 2012

I never understood

I've heard the phrase, works based faith, for years. I have no idea what that phrase means. People claim you can't be saved by your works. I think that is hooey. The bible has countless examples of act done by individuals who went above and beyond, which made them whole. Ninety percent of the major or minor characters, I can think of who's story is told in the Good Book, did something to save someone or save themselves through faith.

  • Moses plead with God for his chosen people. It changed God's mind and SAVED the children of Israel from destruction.
  • Noah built an ark.
  • Easter left her family to go be pampered and save her people.
  • David killed Goliath, married the king's daughter, became bros with the Prince, ran for his life, worshipped a lot, etc.
  • Abraham got down and dirty with his his good ol' girl.
  • Samuel answered the call of God.
  • Hannah dedicated her son to the Lord and gave him back for service to him.
  • Prophets prophesied.
  • Mary and Joseph obeyed.
  • John ate bugs and honey. He preached.
  • The fisherman left their nets.
  • Good ol' Zach, the wee lil' man, climbed a tree, ate with a rabbi, and paid people back.
  • That woman touched Jesus' hemmed robe.
  • The sad daddy found Jesus for his daughter.
  • The nice guy on the other side of Jesus being crucified opened his mouth.
  • Jesus' friends wrote some words down, so we could know their friend.
These were all acts based on faith. Faith that salvation would come to those who believed it could happen for themselves and others. We are save through faith AND works. One without the other is like the ocean without salt. If you find it, you aren't at the ocean. Do work.

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