Sunday, May 20, 2012

The roots run deep

Today I woke up thinking about everything that has happened over the last few weeks. I had made promises to go to the home missions church here in town. I really didn't want to go. My hubby had a side job to do today. I went. The people there were so happy to see us. We went to eat after church and the pastor picked up the tab for us all and we chatted as I was headed out the door. He told me he doesn't play with church politics. They didn't own me. He give me the choice to go somewhere else without hard feelings, if we weren't finding what we need here. What a relief!

Tonight I went out to my back yard. Its planting time here in Southwestern Michigan. I wanted to clean up the maple tree seed pods and loosen up the ground to plant some pretty flowers. I think I got more than I bargained for. I raked up most of the pods. As I was breaking up the dirt, I found these roots just under the surface. It occurred to me we are all connected like these roots. The more I dug I realized most of the root systems belonged to my neighbor's bush and a bush whose top had been chopped off.

I started to get a different sort of picture. Bitterness is like a bush with the top cut off. If not dealt with properly, roots continue to grow just under the surface. Dig that life sucking force from your heart, so good things in your life can grow. I want you to have the simple joy of watching beauty flower in all aspects of your existence! Happy gardening...

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