Monday, March 21, 2011

If you...

Thanks Grandma G. Thank you mom!
Thanks Carrie.
Thanks Grandma W.
It is 3:47am. I am exhausted. My sweet son is teething, again. He is hopefully asleep after giving him some pain killer. I, however, was doing dishes until a moment ago. I'm upset. Why? Being a mom is the most thankless job, so if you have a mother, wife, or sister with a child thank her. Thank them for the time they spent wiping your tiny hind parts, giving you baths, and putting clean clothes on you for the emp-teenth time. Thank the lady who thought you were more important than the friends who didn't have time for her anymore. Thank the lady who wiped your tears away and held you. Thank the lady who held you before God the moment she found out you were to be and gave you back to his keeping when you were born. Thank the lady who signed up for a 40+ year job. Thank the lady who will always see you as the 6lbs 13oz sleepy bundle she brought home with her. Thank the lady who will clean up the results of your bodily functions without gloves or a clothes pin on her nose. Thank the lady who didn't let you drink the chemicals you somehow got your hands on. Thank the lady who didn't let you play in, on, or around the toilet. Thank the lady who makes scrap books of your milestones. Thank the lady who worries about who you are around, all while being so proud she wants to show you to the world. Thank the lady who doesn't allow you to do whatever you desire. Thank the lady who heart falls out of her chest when you decide to jump from the 12th stair up or you bonk your head on the corner of some furniture. Thank the lady who gave you to someone else because she could not care for you the way you needed. Thank the lady who took you in and became your mother. Give them a hug, a call, a smooch. They deserve it.

Thanks Bernice.
Thank you Karly and Destiny!
Thanks Dylan you made me a mama.
I can never thank you enough.

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  1. Thanks for the sweet post, Dana. It made me teary. I agree - being a mom is the most thankless job in the world. But, I'm sure it's all worth it when your grown child realizes everything that their own mother did for them, when they have a child of their own. Love you.