Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Forgive my candid, yet sensitive topic tonight.

I've had several people ask me recently about my beliefs on being gay. I usually don't talk about this topic as a rule, but tonight I can't seem to stop thinking about it. I realize this topic is quite sensitive for many people with the semi-current debates over marriage rights and civil liberties.

Here is how I feel. While I practice traditionalism, I understand how people gravitate to what makes them comfortable. Comfort starts with attraction. Everyone is wired differently. No two humans are created exactly alike. Our fingerprints, our, retinas  and DNA are different from every other person. One thing is universal, we all want to be loved in our own way.

Enter religion. Religion states homosexuality is sinful at the same time declaring comfort, love, and attraction are from God. Belief seems to make sane people stupid when homosexuality is added to the picture. They seem to forget the human behind the lifestyle. Many "Christians" seem to forget that the Almighty Himself is love's essence. They forget about the grace they have been given. It's forgotten Heaven is equal opportunity. The bible urges for "whosoever will to come." People we are NOT the maker of heaven and earth here. We don't have the final say over who gets to party beyond the pearly gates. My life and yours are on display. We all answer to how we live our lives. Are we kind to one another? Do we love as we have been loved by the Alpha and Omega? Do we honor our father(s) and mother(s)? Do we care for the orphans and widows? Are we are best self in times when it was the hardest to do so? Do we respect our elders? Do we get road rage with a "Jesus loves me" or your favorite Christian music station sticker on our back window? Do you follow the laws of the land when nobody is watching?

When you are hurting and vulnerable, you don't really care whose hand helps you up. Some of the times in my life when I need love the most, the hands that were being Jesus-with-skin-on belonged to homosexuals or wiccans or agnostics or atheists. They scooped me up and spoke life in my dark places. God can use the most unlikely individuals and/or situations to be your salt and light. What's my point? I don't care if you are homosexual, transgender or a traditionalist. I am not your judge. I don't care what you do behind closed doors, as long as you are hurting someone else (that would include yourself).I care how you treat those around you. I have just as much of an opportunity to walk on streets of gold as the human on the other side of the room. It doesn't matter what my comfort level is with how you live your life. If you respect me, I'll respect you. Period. End of story. See you in Heaven (if you so choose).


  1. I agree with you about people gravitating to what is comfortable for them but being gay is not a "lifestyle" as such, it is the way the individual was created by "God" or whatever ones concept of creationism is. I believe that mans creation of the bible and the constant re-writings of the bible and those so called "christians" that created their own version of the bible to fulfill their fantasies and self created beliefs are the ones who have deemed homosexuality to be "sinful". If one were to take everything in the bible to be the truth, the word of God, the "law" the whatever, then everyone who ever lived would be "sinning" against some concept of concieved reality as stated by those who think they knew or know what is the best for humankind. Being gay is no more of a "sin" than is being alive. I believe I was created the way I am in the sense of perfectness, in the sense of individualsim, in the sense of wholeness. For one to judge another based on who one loves, cherishes, cares for and devotes their life to is one who has no concept of truth, no concept of the basis of life. As you have stated, one does not have to be a "christian" to provide love, comfort, care, guidance or an uplifting hand to another in need. Anyway, who is to say, could Jesus have been gay?? Look at the "biblical truth" that states Jesus had his twelve "worshipers", confidants, the twelve that "loved him" more than anything!! Who is to say, who is to judge!!

    1. Forgive me if this came across as me judging. I don't dispute the Bible's had many translations and mis-guided man-made interpretations. I've had some of these interpretations be detrimental to me. I am still recovering from them...

      My whole point is/was God created us all and that makes heaven equal opportunity. I will answer for or not was my best self to those around me. Each person's picture of what that looks like is different. I believe in possibilities. So to you friend, I look forward to meeting you someday. We can shake hands in respect for one another without regard to how we are made. :D