Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I Lift My Hands

The Robe
The Robe
By Lloyd C. Douglas
The Casey Anthony case, the anniversary of my dear baby cousin, Samson's birth, and the predictably of the nightly bad news have gotten me down. Humans never learn! We beat our heads against a wall with the excuse we are just trying or we are just human. These excuses give us a reason not to step back from the wall we've banged our heads on to look at the million of other holes from previous generations. We could learn from them.

I recall one humble, blameless, not-so-stupid human who taught and lives the message. He lived in a time when it was popular to pit two men against each other for the mere sport of seeing someone die or bleed for the amusement of large betting crowds. This man lived in a time of massive debt and the taxing of the poor to pay the deficient back. The important men of the that time were corrupt and didn't care about the consequences of their actions. They would go to war for the expansion of their own power/influence. Materialism, sensualism, and self-gratification were advertised as the greatest desires of all humans. It was a time of great advances in technology. Trade between countries was

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