Monday, April 18, 2011

God has not forgotten.

I had a couple wake up calls this week. Nothing horrible happened. In fact, it was quite the contrary. I got a $0.25 raise! I know it doesn't sound like much. I had been considering asking for one, but wasn't sure with whom I should speak. It made me feel good to be noticed by my employer of  2 2/3rds years. The recognition may not be much, but it made a difference to me.

Dylan started to sign back to me. For those who have talked to me for even a few minutes, know I have a fascination with American Sign Language. Huge studies have been done on the benefits of teaching a child a second language from their earliest moments. I have been working with Dylan since he was born very basic sign language: mama, dada, milk, more, me, eat. Well he watches me intently these days when I sign to him. He thinks its funny when I say the wrong thing with a sign. I'll sign more, but say mom. He just shakes his head no while giggling. Anyway He signed "milk" to me as I was making his milk. I made a huge deal of it. Ran to Andy, so his daddy could see his skills. :D He did it for Andy too. How very rewarding! I hope to help Dylan be trilingual in English, sign and Spanish eventually.

I had the worlds busiest week. My dad had heart surgery. Everything went well and he is recovering with astonishing grace. My sister and brother-in-law got an their 4th or 5th offer from this job in Maryland. Who knows if this is where the Lord is leading them? My dear friend is learning to FLY (finally love yourself). I couldn't be prouder! We've been house hunting. It'll be our first home. With God's grace, we'll find the house that will be a blessing to us and NOT a curse.

All-in-all God hasn't forgotten me. I have a very thankful heart just now.


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